Start Your Own Outdoor Movie Business with the FunFlicks® Brand

Are you looking to start a new unique work from home outdoor movie business?
Even if you already own an outdoor movie business, reach out to us – WE NEED YOU to join our quest to evolve outdoor movie events across America!

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FunFlicks® Branded Outdoor Movie Business

Are you looking to start a new, unique work from home business?  Even if you already own an outdoor movie business – WE NEED YOU!

Join in on the fun with the FunFlicks® Brand for Outdoor Movie Events across the Nation.

Our current licensing program consists of 72 territory locations across 40 states.  Each season the business owners continue to add more territories.  Hurry!  This program is fantastic and your State might become completely licensed if you delay.  Call Today to learn more about this ground breaking opportunity!  This could be your ticket to Hollywood!

We are still looking for new FunFlicks® Branded outdoor movie business owners in:

New Jersey
New Mexico
If you live in any of these locations, YOU ARE A PRIME CANDIDATE to run your own FunFlicks® Branded Outdoor Movie Business – reach out to us today!!

Join us in our quest to evolve outdoor movies and events across America!

  • You run your own FunFlicks® Branded Outdoor Movie Business – You can use our proven knowledge, network support and National Brand Marketing.
  • You have the option to take a 3 day education program – all to learn our strategies of success + plus crucial information to organize, promote and facilitate YOUR own outdoor movie business.  Yes, you can run your business from home!
  • When you license with us – you are provided with a proven National Brand – all to jump start your new outdoor movie business.
  • Many Licensees are provided with customer leads right from the first day!  FunFlicks® has top placement in the major search engines – all to help provide YOU with customer leads.  We might even hand you booked clients or accounts to really JUMP START your business!
  • Licensing works for both of our goals.  You grow your own outdoor movie business, using the FunFlicks® Brand, and we grow our company Nationwide.  We are encouraged to help you grow and succeed – since the licensing fee is a small percentage of your earnings.  Basically, the more successful you are with your business, the more valuable the FunFlicks® Brand becomes. We NEED & HELP YOU SUCCEED!

To learn more about the FunFlicks® branded outdoor movie business, click here:

If you want to get started, Please call now for details!

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FunFlicks® Licensee’s Get:

  • Use of the FunFlicks® brand, giving you the power of a national brand
  • Instant online presence at with strategic SEO placement
  • Incoming leads from our national marketing
  • Support and knowledge of our entire network of licensees
  • Use of our research and development over the last 10+ years
  • Marketing techniques and pre-designed materials if desired
  • Online reservations and booking tools

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