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Over the years, we’ve perfected our outdoor movie screen rental service to provide each attendee with an exceptional movie viewing experience. Our custom designed, USA made, industrial grade inflatable movie screen has proven to be a key ingredient in achieving that goal. Now, you can own the same inflatable screens we’ve come to depend on for tens of thousands of successful movie events nationwide.  Furthermore, we offer various inflatable movie screen quality types which vary in size and price.

First – Choose Your Quality:

Premium | Professional | Generic

A. Premium Quality

Outdoor Movie Equipment

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Premium Outdoor Movie Equipment

Premium Screens by AirScreen®

Both Screens and|or Equipment Available

Why Premium Quality?

  • 16′ inflatable movie screen priced from $4595
  • Reliable source with 20+ year reputation
  • Patented features, field tested & stable up to 24 MPH wind
  • Seamless outdoor cinema quality viewing surface
  • 3 year warranty
  • Local FunFlicks® support to help train staff & manage events (additional cost)

Various screen sizes available: 12′ – 80′

Complete Package Including Inflatable Movie Screen, Sound & Projector from $9595

Call FunFlicks® Today to order your Premium Quality Airscreen® Movie Equipment

B. Professional Quality

Outdoor Movie Screens

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Professional Outdoor Screens by FunFlicks®

Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Orlando, Outdoor Movie Projector Orlando FL, Funflicks

Various Inflatable Movie Screen Sizes Available

Why Professional Quality?

  • 16′ Indoor or Outdoor Movie Screen priced from $2895
  • Made in USA
  • Reasonable Price
  • Reliable & used in rental industry
  • Field tested & stable up to 20 MPH wind
  • Seamless quality viewing surface up to 32′
  • 1 year warranty
  • Local FunFlicks® support to help train staff & manage events (additional cost)

Various Outdoor Movie Screen sizes available: 16′ – 40′

Seamless available up to 32′

Call FunFlicks® Today to order your Professional Quality FunFlicks® Inflatable Movie Screen

C. Generic Quality

Inflatable Movie Screens

Rent or Buy our Inflatable Movie Screen

Various Inflatable Movie Screen Sizes Available

Why Generic Quality?

  • 16′ screen priced from $2295
  • Made in China
  • Best Price
  • Dependable & used in rental industry
  • Field tested & stable up to 19 MPH wind (depending on size)
  • Seamless viewing surface up to 21′
  • No warranty, no support

Various screen sizes available: 16′ – 40′

Seamless available up to 21′

Call FunFlicks® Today to order your Generic Quality Inflatable Movie Screens

FunFlicks® Professional Quality Inflatable Movie Screen Price & Sizes:
FunFlicks® offers Inflatable Movie Screens | Projectors | Speakers & More. Give us a call for detail. Yes, we know our inflatable movie screens are HALF the cost of other companies. Our screens are great quality - at half the price! We produced over 5000 events last season - using these outdoor movie screens. They work GREAT for us, they will work great for you! Call Today: (877) 263-0480 ext. 2

Why Buy FunFlicks®                  Outdoor Movie Equipment?

  • Industrial Quality – proven in the vigorous rental market
  • Incredible Value & Pricing – since we buy in volume
  • Masterfully Designed & Excellent Projection Quality
  • Seamless White Surface up to 32′ – Made in the USA
  • Superior Performance for the Outdoor Environment
  • Local FunFlicks® Representation – initial set-up & on-going support


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Movie Screen Ownership Is Great For…

  • Organizations With Frequent Movie Events
  • Building Your Own Outdoor Home Theater
  • Parks, Schools, Pools, Apartments & Churches
  • Starting Your Own Outdoor Movie Business

Have you considered Starting Your Own Outdoor Movie Event Business? Partnering with FunFlicks® makes it a breeze, and we’ll provide customer leads and support to help you GROW! Learn more…

Outdoor Movie Screens by FunFlicks®

FunFlicks® can provide you with outdoor movie screen equipment that is tried and true!
We are the leader in outdoor movies & inflatable movie screen rentals. Last season alone, we hosted over 5000 outdoor inflatable movie screen events across the Nation.

If these portable outdoor movie screens & equipment work for us, they will work for you!
We are not a custom inflatable movie screen maker. We have sizes that are pre-designed to accommodate our recommended crowd sizes based on our rental events.

We have obtained wholesale discounted screens direct from multiple manufactures – since we continue to purchase on a regular basis for our National Program.

Our Movie Screens are Professional & Durable! They are custom designed and perfected over the past 9 years. We still have original units in our rental program from our original production! If they work for us as the leading outdoor movie screen rental company, they will work for you!

Most screens above are designed with a self-supporting, free-standing inflatable frame. Minimal roping and stakes required. Many times you do not have to secure the portable screen, unless the winds are high. These outdoor movie screens are excellent for using in areas where staking is limited (i.e. parking lots, tennis courts & gymnasiums) along with outdoor movies on fields, lawns, etc. Wind rating is easily 20+ MPH.

All outdoor movie screen surfaces are wrinkle-free and removable for easy machine washable cleaning. Front or rear projection is allowed on most sizes.

Again, we can’t express it enough-We use these blow up movie screens on a daily basis – if they work great for our outdoor movie screen rental business, they will work for your outdoor movie night or inflatable movie screen rental business!

To Buy Outdoor Movie Screens, Projectors & Sound Systems:

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For more information about our industry-leading screens and to place your order.  Call: (877) 263-0480 ext. 2

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