Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. When it comes to choosing a provider for your outdoor movie event, you want a company that delivers their services as promised and gives you a great value for your money.


Experience You Can Trust!

More than 25,000 successful events since 2002. References available from hundreds of cities, municipalities, Parks & Rec departments and thousands of businesses and individuals.

Locally owned and operated businesses in more than 90 cities across America
General liability coverage of $1 Million per occurrence and $2 Million aggregate
Uniformed technical hosts to complete setup, change media and tear down

Screen Sizes for All Budgets & Venues

Whether you need a screen for thousands in a park or just a backyard party, we have screens for every kind of event you can imagine! All of our screens are 16:9 wide-screen format, while some Backyard Screens are available in 4:3.

  A Word About Screen Measurements – There is no consensus in the outdoor movie industry on how to measure a screen, so we always provide you with the dimensions of the actual viewable screen size. After all, you’re not watching your movie on the giant inflatable frame, you’re viewing your film on the white screen surface!

Custom Designed Screens

Our screens are custom designed for our company exclusively and have been tested and used across the nation with more than 25,000 events through our affiliate network since 2002.

  • 8 Screen sizes for any budget or venue (10-ft to 75-ft)
  • Self-supporting screen frames create a stable platform for audience safety
  • Wind ratings of 20+ MPH – Other companies say their screens will stand up to 30+ MPH wind, but who wants to watch a movie with debris flying around in that kind of wind anyway!
  • Rear Projection Capabilities – We offer the flexibility of front or rear projection, giving you ultimate control over your venue setup. We guarantee a bright, crisp display regardless of projection setup.
  • Theatrical Grade Viewing Surfaces – Bright white viewing surfaces that are guaranteed wrinkle free and offer a brilliant picture compared to dull, matte finishes found on other screens.
  • Screen backing blocks out surrounding light and serves as a wind barrier.

Projection Designed For The Outdoors!

FunFlicks uses proven high definition projector technology, demonstrated to provide a great video experience in a variety of lighting conditions.

  • High lumen projection ensures bright imaging on any size screen under most ambient lighting conditions
  • Inorganic bulbs that do not deteriorate or get dimmer with age
  • Lenses that facilitate crystal clear displays and short projection distances which allow us to project in the most compact venues when needed
  • Routine testing and cleaning ensure fail safe functionality
  • Backup equipment provided on request
  • New equipment rotated into inventory to ensure state-of-the-art technology
  • Blu-ray players for the ultimate in HD viewing experience

Concert Grade Sound Systems!


We design our sound systems based on the experience of thousands of events and dozens of venue types. We know what works for crowds of 25 or 5,000 and include the appropriate sound system for each screen size in our fleet. All events get a minimum of 1,100 Watt sound systems, expandable to 10,000+.

Popcorn And Extras

We are often asked if we provide other products & services, but we choose to focus on doing one thing and doing it great — Outdoor Movie Events. We do have the following items available as add-ons to your event should you want/need them for your venue.

  • Theater Style Popcorn – popped fresh and hot onsite, and served to your audience
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Generators
  • Double Features
  • FM Transmitters (for that true Drive-In Experience)
  • Video Gaming Solutions
  • Learn more about our Popcorn and Extras

The Difference Is Clear!

If you are looking for the best value in outdoor movie entertainment, FunFlicks is your solution. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and even help you organize your event with ideas from our experienced team, assistance with on-screen advertising for sponsors and even fundraising ideas!